About Me


I’m a science fiction writer, engineering manager, and code of conduct consultant living in the Washington, DC area. My short fiction has appeared in Fireside Quarterly, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Mothership Zeta, and the Futurescapes Anthology, where I took first place in the inaugural Futurescapes Writing Contest. Links to my work can be found in my bibliography.

You can find some of my web development work over on my github profile.

I co-edit feminist geek culture blog The Bias with Natalie Luhrs, and I’m passionate about making geek spaces safer and more welcoming for women and marginalized people. I’m active in the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

This is my private site. Neither my employer nor any third party has any editorial authority over it, and all views expressed are my own.

My Name

My name is Flower Horne, Annalee, not Horne, Annalee Flower. Flower and Horne are both surnames, and I’m properly address by both (as in “Mx. Flower Horne writes science fiction,” or “Flower Horne, who provides consulting services to conferences and organizations seeking to implement codes of conduct…”).

If you see folks addressing me as ‘Ms. Horne,’ I’d appreciate you gently correcting them. It’s an easy mistake to make, but I feel like a jerk if I have to correct people.